In the year 2000, We established three churches in the Republic of Ivory Coast with Evangelist Samuel Vonleh and his wife as Pastors and Church Planters. They planted three churches in the Ctiy of Danane, and the Town of Zuanwea all in the Ivory Coast. In 2001 the Liberian civil war entered again into the Ivory Coast and scores of Ivoirians got killed. As a result reprisal actions were taken against Liberian citizens that were living in the Ivory Coast as refuges who earlier fled from their own home for fear of their lives. They had to flee back home into Liberia who was still going through the civil war. Through this we lost the churches because we had not yet trained enough citizens who would have been able to continue the work in our absence.

In 2008 we sent Pastor Olemou Sese and his wife to Abidjan to restart the ministry. The ministry was restarted in Youpugon, Abidjan as a house Church. Pastor Olimou is now attending the African Bible College in Yekepa, Liberia learning English and Bible. We seriously need a scholarship of $2,000.00 per year for his school fees and expense. Please help keep Pastor Olemou in School for the work.